Sailing school for children

The Federal Program of the School of Sailing
The activities of the Federal School of Sailing for young people is oriented, in principle, in three age classes, the Cadets (6-12 years old) Juniors (13-17 years old) and the shareholders (absolute 18 years and over ).
All Students Participants must be in good standing with the FIV and, therefore, present the required documents valid (medical examination A - non-competitive).
The Cadets (6-12 years):

The activities planned from start to Sailing Schools Federal Sailing for the members of the Cadet category (those with age, from the completion of the sixth year until the age of 12 years), is divided into Game Sail and Minisportvela. < /strong>
- Game Sail is the start-up activities to sailing through games to acquire the technical fundamentals of these types of boats and sailboards: - boats "individual" with sail area not more than 4 square meters. starting from the age of 6 years of age;
- crafts "two" , no trapeze, with total sail area of ??not more than 7 square meters. (No spinnaker or gennaker), starting from the calendar year of completion of the ninth (9th) years of age.
- sailboards with sail area not exceeding 3.3 square meters. (Cadets 9-10 years) and not more than 4 square meters (cadets 11 years). - craft "collective" (eg. 555 IVF) with sail area up to 15 square meters. starting from the calendar year of completion of the nine (9) years and until the completion of the twelfth (12th) year of age, with the obligatory presence on board of an affiliated IVF age or a Teaching Assistant Instructor (ADI), even a minor .
To Minisportvela is an activity which has already more specialized educational content as the introduction to the sport of sailing through practical tests of sport on the same boats and on the same sailboards used in Game Vela.
The two activities should always provide in its curriculum tests of buoyancy, swimming ability of individual and limited diving. Particular attention should also be paid to educational content aimed to respect and protection of the marine and lacustrine and security of navigation by integrating the programs of the Ministry of Education on the subject.
At the end of the education of the various courses will be organized through final verification tests: - Tests fun , called Gatherings, zonal and / or straddling proposed, with the timetable established by IVF and organized by Affiliates, for cadets from the age of 6 to 8 years old or to be performed in the reference;
Dating zonal
in collaboration between the Sailing Schools of each zone and the respective Zonal Center Federation, with the timetable established by IVF and organized by Affiliates in the presence of the Regional Coordinators for FIV activity under 16, with the order to carry out one or more tests practices Minisportvela for cadets 9-12 years old.

JUNIORS (13-17 years) and SOCI (from 18 years onwards)
The Federal School of Sailing is also open to juniors and members in order to complete the process of starting to sail also for students aged from 13 ° to 17 ° year (junior) until the end adults (18 years and older).
For these two age classes activity education can take place on any type of boat.
During the courses of instruction, (at the discretion of the instructors), may be carried out simulations of limited evidence of race or particular actions race (departure, gaits, mark roundings, etc.), In -Marine favorable weather conditions.
For the category members (absolute from 18 years onwards) you can also turn on the Federal School of Offshore Sailing where over all matters common to other courses, will also be envisaged:
- teaching and compliance with the rules adopted by the Harbor
- teaching and the use of safety equipment
- teaching elementary school for first aid
- teaching fundamental "rules to prevent collisions at sea"
- the teaching of major maneuvers in the port (mooring, unmooring, etc.)
Indications Organizational General
The training is always performed under the supervision of a direct and continuing our instructor FIV the Register Instructors in assets or a student instructor, part of the technical staff of the school.
For Derive the education activities can be carried out at a maximum distance of 1 mile from the coast, while the Altura and Boats bulb, there is no limit of distance from the coast, while respecting the limitations provided the enable of the medium in use.
And 'mandatory during all exercises in water, always wear adequate personal flotation equipment (the wetsuit or dry suit are not considered adequate personal flotation equipment).