Anti Covid-19 Measures: Decree-Law No. 24 of 24 March 2022

Decree-Law No. 24 of 24 March 2022

Ministry of Health Ordinance 28/04/2022

Agreement between Government and Social Partners of 04/05/2022

Dear Customer / Partner

We would like to inform you about the updates to the ANTICOVID provisions, introduced by Decree-Law no. 24 of 24 March 2022 and Ministry of Health Ordinance of 28 April 2022, which have in fact updated the regulatory framework of obligations and rules of conduct in workplaces, means of transport and public places.

The obligation for workers to wear masks in the workplace and to take all necessary precautions and conduct to limit personal contact and ensure proper hand hygiene has been extended until 30 June 2022. Companies shall adopt suitable measures to ensure adequate ventilation of work environments by adopting protocols for the periodic sanitisation of places and guaranteeing the required safety distances in common areas.

For Clients and Guests of accommodation facilities, public places or places open to the public, although the obligation to wear personal protective equipment and maintain a safe distance has lapsed, it is still recommended to wear respiratory protective equipment in all indoor common areas and to adopt simple hand sanitisation measures.

We suggest that you review the measures taken within our facility to ensure peace of mind and an adequate standard of safety for all our Guests.

Dear Customer,

With the spirit and passion that has always distinguished our profession as Hospitality Operators, we have the pleasure of informing you that we are ready once again this year to guarantee you a peaceful holiday and to allow you to fully enjoy all the comforts of our Hotel.

We suggest you take a look at the anti-COVID-19 measures that our hotel has decided to adopt, in order to maintain an adequate standard of prevention and therefore a peaceful stay in Sicily under the banner of rediscovered normality...

Hoping to welcome you soon

The Direction


Here are the main actions we have taken for your safe holidays:

  • Training: all our staff are involved in a structured training and refresher programme "on the job", aimed at ensuring compliance with Covid-19 safety protocols when carrying out their duties
  • I.P.D. Personal Protective Equipment: all staff will be provided with the appropriate I.P.D. and will be subjected to daily health surveillance procedures in accordance with the law.
  • Information: within the hotel, guests will be duly informed of the procedures and some simple rules of individual conduct to be observed, in order to ensure that everyone can live peacefully together in the hotel at all times of the day
  • Masks: the use of masks is optional in all indoor common areas
  • Hand sanitising gel: dispensers will be positioned in all service areas of the Hotel
  • Cleaning and Sanitisation: The hotel's common areas and rooms will be subjected to a sanitisation programme with particular attention to the points of greatest contact
  • Smart check-in: We have devised simplified check-in procedures on arrival at the hotel to avoid possible congestion where possible
  • Catering: catering services will be provided on a "Buffet" basis for breakfast, lunch and dinner, providing (where possible) suitable access routes to limit crowding occasions
  • Swimming pool: entry to the pool is subject to prior showering and the use of swimming caps
  • Beach: beach umbrellas and sunbeds have retained their spacing measures even though they are no longer provided for
  • Animation: Most sports and entertainment services are organised outdoors in the most suitable ways to ensure adequate prevention

For more complete information click on: FORMULA LIGHT SAFE HOLIDAY.pdf

Happy Holidays!