Childcare Services

Baby Club (Nursery)
Children are welcomed in an place dedicated to childhood with all the necessary precautions, and receive ongoing support from qualified personnel. 
The service is available from 08 June to 15 September 
Support hours: 09:30 to 17:30 
The service is free of charge and welcomes children aged between 4 months and 3 years old. It has limited seating, so it is better to book it before arrival at the hotel. 
The children will be supervised in their games, fed to the times, and cared for with the utmost care. 
Line selected products: 
homogenized meat and fish and vegetables packaged, yogurt, fruit, juice, biscuits, milk, water and diapers. 
The service fee is € 210,00 per week and € 35,00 per day.

Kit Baby Cabry
Moms who does not wish to travel with everything you need to care for their child, they can pre-book the Cabry Baby Kit, which includes a collection of objects which in part will be in the room on arrival, and in part will need to collect the receipt for payment a small deposit:

Facilities in Room:

- Changing

- Baby bath

- Diapers suitable for the weight (2 packs per week)

- Diapers suitable for the weight (2 packs per week)

- Soap suitable for children

- A bottle of mineral water per day

Facilities to be withdrawn upon receipt of a deposit of € 50,00;

- Rattles for a gentle awakening

- night light

- bottle warmers

- the items listed will be returned on departure (check-out) 

Cost of Kit Baby Cabry is € 8,00 € 50,00 per day or week 

Cost of consumables additional:

Pack of diapers Euro 9,00

Handkerchiefs soaked Toilet Euro 4,00

Soap and hygiene for children Euro 6.00

Cot Rental
Car Cradle: € 8,00 € 56,00 per day or for the whole week. 
And &rspossible to request this service when booking, or by contacting directly at the hotel at the reception.

Stroller Rental
Stroller Rental: € 5,00 € 25,00 per day or for the whole week.
And ’possible to request this service when booking, or by contacting directly at the hotel at the reception. Caution is required a deposit of € 30,00.

Mothers with small children, will be able to buy a place on the supply of baby products and service availability of Biberoneria. 
The Biberoneria located in the lobby of the hotel, is a space dedicated to and equipped for the assistance and the preparation of early childhood. 
The scope of products includes:

- 1 bottle of mineral water 1.5 liter

- 2 baby food meat (chicken or beef) or fish (hake)

- 2 homogenised vegetables or cheese

- 2 baby food fruit (pear, apple or mixed)

- 2 jars of fruit yogurt

- 1 serving of biscuits

- 2 cartons of fruit juice (pear or peach)

- ½ liter of milk or Mellin2 Growth

- 6 diapers with appropriate weight

- 1 pack of wipes for hygiene (for the week)

The budget of the products may be withdrawn only during the hours of assistance from the staff which is scheduled every day from 11:30 to 13:00.
If you arrive after hours assistance please contact the reception.
Equipment available at the milk bottle: sterilizer, bottle warmer, blender, oven, microwave, refrigerator, changing table and baby bath.
Access to the local bottle feeding and the use of equipment is available 24/24h, demanding the key to the front desk of the hotel.
The price of the service Biberoneria is € 15,00 per day and € 95,00 flat fee of 7 days. Requests for additional supplies or products other than the standard line, involving the payment of a fee of Euro 6,00 per day.


- BABY PACK 1: Cot + Baby Kit Cabry € .85,00 per week / € 15,00 to g.

- PACK BABY 2: Cradle + Service biberonneria week € 20,00 to € 120,00 g.

- 3 PACK BABY: Baby Cot + kit + Biberonneria € 160,00 week / € 28 to g.

* The supply of water, diapers, wipes and baby kit is suitable Cabry

- BABY PACK 4: Cradle + kit + Baby Stroller € 105,00 Week view. / € 18,00 to g.

- BABY PACK 5: Cradle + + Biberonneria Stroller € 140,00 Week view. / € 24,00 to g.

- BABY PACK 6: Cradle + kit + Biberonneria Baby Stroller + € 180,00 Week view. / € 30,00 to g.

* The supply of water, diapers, wipes and baby kit is suitable Cabry